Winter Carseat Safety – Did you know

Winter Carseat Safety – Did you know

My first project on my Black Friday sewing machine steal was a ‘sunggie’ for my daughter.  I have recently learned it isn’t safe to put her in her carseat while wearing a winter coat … even if you pull the straps tight.  Apparently it just doesn’t work.  So what is a Minnesota mom to do when Winter here gets ugly?  Use a fleecy snuggie of course!  Her Winter coat was hard to get on due to odd sizing issues and so it has become not only safer but less of a fight to go start the car, throw on her Winter hat, wrap her in her ‘snuggie’ and rush to the car.  We than take her out of the blanket quick put her in her seat and put the snuggie back on over the straps.  We will have to revisit this when our Minnesota Winters reach the peak of ugly and drop to the well below zero range but we by then we may just want to stay locked in the house any way.

Toddler snuggles are not the easiest find and to be honest I like to customize so I made my own.  I used the directions on but I have to tell you they are confusing.

What you need:

  • 1.5 to 2 yards of fleece.  I like the silky blizzard fleece but any will do.
  • A measurement device
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • needle, thread, and/or sewing machine – you can always sew by hand if needed.

Step one:

For the love of all that is right in the world please please please even out the fabric.  You can do this by taking one of the straight manufactured ends and lining if up against the straight edge of your table and using the adjacent side as your guide.  Repeat for both cut ends.

Step two:


Measure your little ones arm length and add an inch or so.  Fold your fabric hotdog style and cut the needed amount of fabric from the end lengthwise.  You should be cutting through 2 layers of fabric as this should still be folded ‘hotdog style’.  I used 24 inches for mine which allow for sleeves that cover my daughters hands for extra warmth to and from the car.

Step three:


Cut the fold in the sleeve section you just cut and place the two pieces aside.

Step four:


Cutting the arm holes.  This is a little more art than exact measurement and because of that it is easiest if you both holes at once.  What I found easiest was to decide how far down and how far apart I wanted the arm holes.  I went with about 18 inches and about 9 inches down.  I marked this place, folded my already folded in half fabric down the 9 inches and cut a semi circle with my measured out location becoming the center of my arm whole.  The semicircle is the art part here – I essentially did what worked I think this ended up for the kids size being about 3 inches across and 4 inches deep.

Step five:

Sewing the seams together and hemming the ends of the sleeves and all the way around the ‘body’ of the blanket. When sewing the sleeves make sure the right sides are touching each other and that the sleeve is folded the more ‘hamburger style’.  The fold you make should result in the shorter wider rectangle.  After seeing together the sleeve should be flipped right side out and a hem should be put into the bottom of the sleeve.  when you are ready to attach the sleeve you should insert the sleeve into the arm hole on the snuggie from the front.  This will result in the overlap of right sides touching.

Now your snuggie is complete.  If sewing is not your thing, you can order a custom child size snuggie here:


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