Family Traditions – Easter Edition

Now that A is getting old enough to actually partake in holiday traditions and we are celebrating second holidays instead of first, I am trying to be more aware of and intentional about the traditions we start.

The trouble I am having with Easter is simple – I hated egg hunts and searching for Easter baskets.  I understand she may not have the same thoughts on the subject but it was always something I dreaded.  I think this is part because I am a logical thinker … and the Easter Bunny always seemed to hide things in strange places without rhyme or reason, there were never clues, and it wasn’t like I had a map to guide me.

I feel like I have a few options here but with only a week before the holiday I am feeling like I am running out of time.

Option 1 – We have a basket for A (and each kid as more come along) and they get to put them out the night before Easter.  The benefit is that we can conserve money and resources by each kid having a basket they use each year and expect to use.  Everyone knows where his or her basket is and there is no question about ‘is this one mine or yours’.  There is no risk of someone finding someone else’s before the owner of the basket has the chance.  The downside? As the kids get older this won’t be the experience their friends are likely having.  Also no packing the basket ahead of time.

Option 2 – Make it a treasure hunt.  Hide the basket and leave a trail of hints starting with a hint taped to his or her door.  Down side – A won’t be able to understand hints at this point, prep time could become extensive, and there is a serious waste of resources in the department of paper although it would be a great way to use scrap paper.  Benefits – there is still a hunt, the option to fill baskets ahead of time, and a twist on a common experience.

Option 3 – Good old fashion hide and seek.  Downside – I feel anxious for my children.  Upside – likely a similar experience among peers, pack basket ahead of time, and limited time invested in planning and prep.

I’d love to hear about it if any of you have a twist to the traditional basket on Easter morning.


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