Bucket List Memory Keeper


I have been working on my bucket list lately but the problem is that I haven’t found a great way to really capture what I want to do, why, if it was accomplished and what I learned from or got out of the experience.  A simple list will not suffice as my bucket list items have a deeper meaning and I want to document the experience.

I recently figured out how I am going to do this – a memory keeper!

Here is what you’ll need:

  • 2 packs of levenger or arc system rings
  • 2 front and back covers if you choose
  • either a pack of levenger or arc system paper or the appropriate punch to make the pages
  • a bucket list and a reason

Each bucket list item will have it’s own page, on the front side I will record the what, the why and the date added to the list.  This page will be placed in the ‘to do bucket list’ book.  Since the pages are removable and reinsert-able, after the objective has been achieved I will use the back page to document the accomplishment with a picture, ticket, play bill, or whatever else would represent the memory, a date of accomplishment, and an explanation of what that was like.  This will then be moved to the accomplished book.  

I am so excited about this idea!  Not only will it provide me with the motivation to keep accomplishing my goals by reminding me why it was important to me but it will also allow me to document the memories I have made.  Since both my husband and myself will be adding to the bucket list ‘to dos’ we will have an added insight into why something is important to the other person and hopefully serve as a motivator to help the other achieve goals that may not speak to ourselves personally.  Bonus with the removable pages – as we add to the list we can rearrange by date added, level of importance, or feasibility of completion.

I started my binder slightly superficially with the objective to travel internationally first class.  It’s excess spending but who doesn’t want to be treated a little extra special?


7 thoughts on “Bucket List Memory Keeper

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    • I think your take on the ‘bucket list’ idea is interesting. I felt similarly about keeping a list. It really does feel a little silly. Unfortunately I recently discovered I had neglected many things that were important to me – and still are. I am hoping this is a way for my husband and myself to keep things just a little more organized and keep important goals in the front of mind.

  4. I love the idea of you and your husband sharing the binder and reading each other’s dreams. Having been married for over 30 years we definitely feel that our adventures have been key to keeping the the fun in our relationship.

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