Priority shifting

I have been shifting focus in life back to what I really enjoy.  I forgot that I liked to craft and create when I was younger.  Painting was something I have always enjoyed but always felt less than adequate at.  My husband make a great date night for us at Cheers Pablo and I instantly remembered everything I love about painting … and everything I don’t love.  Looking around at everyone else’s painting, I again felt less than adequate.  Even though the subject is the same for everyone they all look so different.


Our completed paintings

I spent most of my weekend crafting.  I made some adorable wall hangers for organizing either jewelry or headbands and hair clips for little girls

I made these great mason jar cozies too.  I found tops to convert the jars into drinking glasses and just can’t get enough!

I also made a small handful of baby hats and a not so small handful of baby headbands.  Those projects to come.

It has been so fun but makes me sad for how fast the weekend goes.  Work tomorrow is going to seriously cut into my crafting!


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