$40 Grocery Budget – Dairy Free

After telling a friend of mine about my grocery shopping adventures and keeping my budget to around $40 per week, she challenged me with a simple question; ‘Will this work for special diets too?’ 

I had to admit that I really wasn’t sure.  I am one of the lucky ones who only has to deal with a picky eater but no concerns about allergies, sensitivities, or other food struggles.  I thought I would try out a few different shopping trips keeping some sort of special diet in mind.  Today was dairy free shopping day.  It was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be since my family LOVES anything dairy.  The challenge will be to keep them away from the dairy already living in our home.  My daughter already drinks almond milk so we were prepared for the cost of that expense and we already had some bulk purchase left overs such as ground hamburger to help reduce the cost a little.  The menu looks like this:


B – Peach, Banana, and Raspberry smoothie made with almond milk

L- Leftover Chili (no cheese or sour cream) from Sunday

D – Salad, burgers and sweet potato fries


B- Smoothie

L – Leftover burgers or chili

D – Tacos


B – Breakfast burritos

L – Leftover Tacos

D – Leftover chili or burgers


B – Breakfast burrito

L – Hot dog, peas, broccoli and fruit

D – Fish sticks, sweet potato fries, salad


B: apple sauce and graham crackers

L: PB and J veggies and fruit

D: Broccoli, salad, chicken nuggets


B – veggie quiche

Snacks for the week are mostly veggies, fruit, popcorn and nuts.

After going through what I already had on hand my grocery list worked our to be 14 items from Aldi (including 2 half gallons of almond milk, ground hamburger, and hamburger patties) at $32.01 and 4 items at Target totaling $11.73.  My grand total was $43.74 so just a little over budget.  All in all I would say not bad since this was my first shopping adventure dairy free.  


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