Too much water meets my basement

One down fall to living in a state with 4 seasons ranging from cold and snow to warmth and sunshine?  Spring can do a huge number on your basement.  After all the snow melt, we got a week full of rain.  That brought some water into our basement but nothing we couldn’t deal with and replace the carpet eventually.  But Spring showers just keep coming so we have water in probably 80% of our basement now.  Yay for throwing out crap that is now water damaged but was too hard to toss without cause.

In addition to our basement issues our dishwasher has been broken for about a month now.  Sounds like time us to do some home improvement and DIY style house work.

The plan:


  • Remove broken dishwasher (bonus it is the only black appliance so replacing this will leave us with matching white kitchen appliances)
  • Install new dishwasher – first time DIY style and enlisting my Dad’s help because I need his tools
  • Paint kitchen – finally time to get rid of the awful red I have been living with for 3 years
  • Install back splash (this will likely require adjustment of electrical boxes to accommodate the new backsplash)
  • Replace all outlet and switch covers – an easy update


  • Paint – the blue down there reminds me of cotton candy
  • Rip up carpet and carpet tiles – DIY
  • Analysis of where water is coming from and quote for preventative measures – this already hurts my pocketbook
  • New carpet – this will be hired and include the stairs so all carpet in the basement will match!!! That’s a plus
  • Install new carpet tiles in the laundry area – another DIY
  • Organize craft space and set up activity corner for A – DIY pinterest style.  Finally a beautiful, functional, organized crafting space!!!

With these projects coming up I don’t know if we are going to be ready to move next year.  Our house might finally be exactly what we always wanted it to be … not to mention the cost involved!


4 thoughts on “Too much water meets my basement

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