The basement saga continues

Rain has become my arch nemesis – at least it would be if I was supermom/homemaker.  Water in the basement AGAIN.  And here is the best part – Since we tore up the carpet we have additional damage.  It also makes it hard to tell if the water is of a greater quantity than it was before or if it is just worse because the carpet wasn’t soaking it up.  

Either way it now seems to be in the bathroom in the basement and it seems it may have damaged the cabinetry in the basement.  And who knows, will we need to replace the tile in the bathroom too?  I am a little worried the bathroom may need to be gutted and redone because of mold concerns.

So far an estimate to fix it is $30,000 when all is said and done.  Hopefully we will be able to decrease that amount by looking for good deals and utilizing all of the connections we have.  

Ugh – home ownership.


2 thoughts on “The basement saga continues

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