Miss Indiana praised for ‘normal body’ at Miss USA pageant

This has been getting so much attention I thought I would throw my own thoughts out there too.
First and foremost the is Miss USA – this is not ‘normal’ in the US. This isn’t about body bashing but normal is defined by the majority and the majority of our population is much heavier than her, therefore not the norm.

Great, she isn’t an extremely thin girl that elicits envy and maybe a little discomfort for some of us to observe – but who cares? Should we really be focused on her size and shape in the first place?

That brings me to point number two. She is in a beauty pageant, for those of you that are being critical of the fact that she did not go further in the competition or are breathing a sigh of relief or beaming with pride at our ‘progress’ – your crazy. Despite being televised, this is a privately owned competition that focus on beauty among other things. Last I checked a private entity has no obligation to break stereotypes, be inclusive, or provide positive role models.

On both sides of this issue there is body shaming and body bashing all around. And here is the worst part – those of us exposed to this growing up eventually see changes in our body either gradually due to change or rapidly due to pregnancy. Both of these things are overwhelmingly ‘normal’ and yet we have been preprogramed to hate our bodies for ‘betraying’ us instead of being proud of all they have done and lived through.

Time to rethink our priorities

FOX31 Denver

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BATON ROUGE, La. — Miss Nevada, Nina Sanchez, was crowned Miss USA 2014 Sunday night, but it’s one of her competitors that’s getting the attention today.

Twitter was abuzz with comments praising Miss Indiana and her “normal” looking body.

When Miss Indiana Mekayla Diehl strutted during the swimsuit portion of the pageant, her curvier-than-some bikini body made the twitterverse burst into applause.

The 25-year-old did not make the semifinals, but she made a legion of new fans.

Here are some of the reactions online.

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5 thoughts on “Miss Indiana praised for ‘normal body’ at Miss USA pageant

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  2. I like hearing your thoughts on this! Whatever people think I know I would kill for that figure! I loved your ending about how we should think of all our bodies have been able to experience in life.

    • Thank you. I am sure you are beautiful as is. I have become more aware of how I think about and talk about my body as my daughter gets older and I see how much she mimics me and picks up on – I am trying hard to make sure any body issues she may encounter in her life are not linked to poor modeling on my part!

      • This is such a good model to set! To see a mom who walks in confidence of who she is the number one thing every daughter needs in helping her along this awful body image journey.

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