Keeping cool

So as part of the basement mess we are trying to cut cost elsewhere.  Nothing like a fairly sizable unplanned bill to make you reevaluate and renegotiate the budget just a little.  One of the biggest ways to do that we are focusing on is to reduce our use of the air conditioning.  Bonus – it is better for our environment too.  I have read a lot of tips but don’t seem to be able to implement them very well.  One person claimed that her house was always 20 degrees cooler than outside.  I get that there are some potential differences we can’t control for – like plaster walls, shading, how cool it gets at night, number of windows in the house, – but I am struggling to keep it even 5 degrees cooler in my home.  

So far the number one thing that I have found to make a difference wasn’t even mentioned in anything I read and that is blowing the cool air from by basement up the stairs.  This keeps our living room quite cool when we use it.  I just wish it wasn’t going to take until sometime well after September to enjoy our basement – I better get some built in drying racks as part of this packaged deal.


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