DIY Progress – Kitchen


So after about a 2 – 3 months without a dishwasher I finally received the new one on Friday!!! I was all set to roll up my sleeves and get into handy woman mode – but then I found that my old dishwasher was hardwired into my dumb electrical box.  I ended up having to hire out the work 😦 but my family knows a lot of different people and I was able to hire someone at a better rate – a someone who did both the electric and the plumbing work instead of needing both an electrician AND a plumber.

So after a $100 (about a $250 savings from hiring with the dishwasher dealer) and two hours I have a pretty new dishwasher.  To be fair, this is not my choice of appliance.  I love the stainless steel look and would LOVE to have stainless appliances but we are keeping in mind that we would like to leave this house sometime soon(ish) and all the other appliances are white … so here we are.

Next up in the kitchen is painting over this ‘lovely’ shade of red and installing backsplash (hopefully).  I asked the man who took care of the dishwasher if he would be able to pull forward our electric boxes when we did the backsplash and he pointed out that we probably need to change the outlets to have the circuit breaker on them due to the proximity to the sink … good to know.


Of course I would also LOVE to get rid of that impressively blah, ugly flooring but I am not sure that would really be as big of a make it/break it part of the deal as refinishing the original hardwood in the living room and bedrooms, installing drain tile and refinishing the basement.


2 thoughts on “DIY Progress – Kitchen

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