Big Brother Kit

My nephew is going to be a big brother sometime between now and the end of July.  I was sending this cute hair clip organizer with headbands and clips and a cute little outfit for the baby but what about him???


I thought he could use a ‘big brother kit’.  Going from an only child to an oldest child can be hard and mom and dad can be distracted so a few things to keep him entertained and let him feel like he is helping couldn’t hurt right.

Here is what I put in the kit:


  • A note on the outside about being a big brother and about the kit – there are things for him and things for the baby
  • A crayola color puzzel
  • Felt coloring pages
  • A truck
  • A cookie monster cup and a cup with a funny straw
  • Little sponge capsules that ‘grow’ into shapes in water
  • A book for him to show his little sister
  • A snuggle blankie for him to give his sister when she is sad
  • and a handful of other fun things


Since they live out of state it can be hard to be involved and the help or involvement we can provide is limited to what USPS can help us with.  If he were just a little older and lived close enough I would have loved to add in ‘coupons’ for an ice-cream date, a sleep over, a pizza party, or a trip to his favorite park/play place.

I also think it would be great to be able to provide mom and dad with some useful things like a ‘coupon’ or two for grocery shopping or trip to the store for baby supplies, a home cooked meal with child care in the other room so mom and dad can sit down and enjoy dinner together, a few freezer meals, and a ‘new mommy spa’ kit.  The spa kit probably wouldn’t be as nice as it sounds as this would likely include things like epsom salts and the like for recovery from labor/delivery.

New babies are a fun and exciting event to celebrate –  what do you like to do to help new parents out or make a new big brother or sister feel included?


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