When it rains it pours – how home ownership and pinterest ruined my life

Out side my sliding door

Outside my sliding door

I have told you about the water in my basement, combining rooms, and my broken dishwasher.  You would think this would be enough for the year.  But over the weekend we had a tree honest to goodness break in half and land on our deck and house.  Lucky for us the only damage was a glass vase and the tree itself … and the branch it ripped from a near by tree.  Unfortunately we have basement windows under the deck that seem original to the house – a house built in about the 1960’s.  Our window wells must have pooled with water from the tree being right there and water started pouring in that way too.  So more water in the basement but that can’t really get any worse since everything has been stripped.


 Clearly home ownership has been tough in 2014 for us!  I had taken the week off of work to get some things done around our home, organize and get ready for the garage sale we are having at the weeks end.  And then the tree fell.  Now as with all the other things that have happened there is a silver lining – time couldn’t have been better since both my husband and myself were home and the tree that broke?  Well we have been needing to have it looked at for possible root protrusion causing the patio blocks to be uneven … so once again if one had to go that was the one.

This just made me a little more determined to get something done in our house.  So on to how pinterest is ruining my life.  Being a mom working full time and trying to finish school is hard work and leads to a busy life … especially with a commute into downtown Minneapolis from a quite little St. Paul suburb.  So organization is important.  Making life just a little easier where we can.  Enter pinterest.  While I rock at making a meal plan, a grocery list and sticking to the budget, I suck at being motivated to actually stick to the menu.  And frankly I get sick of my husband always asking what’s for dinner.

Enter command central:


I already had the letter and the key holder.  The white board was a Target purchase of about $12 and the two frames are dollar store finds with a plain sheet of resume paper in them.  They are our notes and to-do ‘white boards’.  Here is how pinterest is a problem – I see all these great command centers and they have these baskets and storage things I want … but can’t find.  So this is ‘command central in progress’ as I will find the baskets eventually.

I also decided that if we are going to have the menu listed on the wall I would put a little basket for each day of the week in the fridge.  I can throw in all the ingredients we need and a little card with the recipe so anyone can start dinner.  A little prep work goes a long way.


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