Kitchen reno update

About two years ago my husband and I invested in refacing our kitchen cabinets.  We hired Home Depot and we have loved it.  They change our the drawers and made some of the shelves slide outs and made those little fake drawers under the sink a functional place to hold sponges.  Not only did we get a better looking more modern kitchen, we also got a more functional kitchen for storage.  Now I am looking for the perfect color to paint over the awful red of the bulk heads.


Don’t get me wrong, red is a lovely color for a kitchen … but a little too saturated for my small galley kitchen with such dark cabinets.  So I tried out this little can of ‘divine twig’ from Target.  Not the right color but the right direction.  I think I need something more classic grey.  We have these lovely pale yellow valences in the kitchen and connected dinning room the I would love to keep.  Paint on the bulk heads and one full wall and adding tile backsplash and the kitchen should be complete.  Of course we still would like to redo the floor and I would love to have a little coffee bar but priorities dictate those things can wait.

I also went a little crazy on organization.  In addition to little baskets for each day of the week in the fridge (all dinner ingredients for that night and the recipe card can be kept in the basket) I organized drawers.  Its amazing that you can truly make more space in your cupboards by using it efficiently.

My pantry now has a basket of children snacks, pasta and beans, and little packets like oatmeal and cooking mixes.


It is so nice to be able to find things without having to empty everything off the shelf!

My cutlery got an up grade with this clear organizer from Target:

IMG_1168I have discovered we have WAY more baby silverware than we could ever possibly need and the bright green plasticware is usually in my desk at work so I don’t have to waste the money on disposable.

My ‘baking/tools’ drawer got a makeover thanks to the dollar store.  $4 and I got to makeover 4 drawers leaving me with a drawer with only an apron sitting in it.  

IMG_1167 IMG_1166 IMG_1165 IMG_1164

Too bad I ran out of steam because the rest of my kitchen/house could use this kind of organization!

I still need to find some effective storage options for my bathroom.  I have tried the rubbermiad drawer organizers but for some reason they don’t seem to work well for me and my family.  It’s almost as if I would need 8 organizers because I want to micro divide everything!  A project for another day I suppose.



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