Kitchen DIY – backsplash and paint – OH CRAP!

A few weeks ago I told you about my run in with DIY over my head dishwasher experience.  The things you just never think about!  I also told you about all the water in my basement and my huge plans for the kitchen and basement.  Well after I wrote them out I thought ‘right, like that is ever going to happen’.  

I have discovered this really funny thing happens when you buy your first house.  You buy it knowing it is good but not perfect.  And you have all these great plans to paint this room, paint that room, replace this, that, and the other thing.  But you move in and that red that used to irritate you?  You can’t even see it any more.


And who cares that the valence doesn’t match?  Of course you do some of the bigger things – like repaint that 80’s inspired wall treatment in your living room, paint that drab blue bedroom a bright cheery yellow, and convert that little boy’s sports room into a gender neutral nursery.  But you run out of time, energy, motivation, and money.  My problem is picking paint is hard and overwhelming.  Obviously you want your house to ‘flow’ but if you keep picking close enough to the same color your house becomes an unimpressive blob of muted grey. 

So I am at the end of my week vacation from work and I have felt like I have done nothing.  So last night I decided to finally kill those red bulkheads in my kitchen.

So in one day I went from this:





To this:

IMG_1178 IMG_1180

I loved the paint so much I could no longer live with the wooden outlet covers and the unfinished backsplash so off to Home Depot I went (I can’t believe they open at 6 am!).

I found this ’tile’ called smart tile and it is basically a giant sticker that looks like glass tile.  They have all sorts of great style options and are easy to install and easy to remove should you need to. (No I am not getting paid for this opinion, I just think it is possibly the best thing ever for those of us not confident in our grouting abilities or who don’t want to mess with adjusting electrical things for the width of the actual glass).  In about 2 hours and with about $200 worth of material, I had a complete backsplash for my kitchen and much better outlet covers.  Sorry the wood just isn’t my style.

IMG_1192 IMG_1191 IMG_1189 IMG_1194


So now everything except the floor has been redone in our kitchen.  We refaced our cabinets 2 years ago, I have now painted, installed a backsplash, and changed out the electric covers.  I should be proud and feel accomplished – but now I SEE my kitchen again.  And I am worried that the ‘glass tile’ look was maybe a little too modern for our 3 bedroom 1960’s rambler and that the color selection for my ’tile’ might have been too masculine/dark to be widely appealing to a range of buyers.  

Its an improvement from having a backsplash that has had nothing but a coat of primer on it for the past 3 years and I am FINALLY checking things off that ‘well this house is great except for’ list, but I think I just discovered my taste doesn’t fit my house.


2 thoughts on “Kitchen DIY – backsplash and paint – OH CRAP!

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