Man’s best friend – Lucy


Yesterday I came home to yet another accident in the house curtesy of our beloved 4 leg friend.  Of course my first reaction was irritation – who wants to clean that crap up after having been at work all day and running various errands and having to wrangle an almost 2 year old?  

As I was cleaning up her mess, I noticed that there was some blood in her stool.  That signaled it was probably time to take her into the vet.  Unfortunately we still don’t have a clear cut idea of what is wrong with our furry family member but we do know that she has an almost non-exisitant platelet count and there is an unidentified obstruction somewhere in her stomach.

For the next several days she will be ‘in a bubble’ and getting 5 meds a day between 2 and 3 times daily, on a special bland diet, and at serious risk for bleeding out.  The vet wanted to send her to the emergency care clinic for the night … and maybe it would have been safer for her … but knowing that she could still bleed out there and would have spent all day today and all night tonight being with strangers and being poked with needles AND it would have cost $1,500, it just didn’t sound like a good idea. 

The suspects at this time are either a tic borne disease or cancer.  If it is tic borne she needs a month of antibiotics.  We had to do this treatment when we first brought her home but the antibiotic was $9 for 1 month.  Today the price has changed as drugs tend to do and we are paying about $400 for a 1 month supply.  Since we don’t know it will work and we don’t know that she will make it through to her follow up on Tuesday we only purchased 1 week.  How odd to buy drugs planning for end of life being near.

Our dog is on 2 antibiotics, a steroid (which should help the platelet count increase), and a drug to coat her tummy and reduce any upset from the meds.  I know logically the money is crazy money but she is truly part of our family.  Our daughter loves her puppy companion and our house is just not the same when she is gone for a day let alone the rest of our lives.  Clearly it is inevitable at some point – but today will never seem like a good day. 

She was so excited when we picked her up and brought her home and she is following our little girl everywhere.  It’s hard to remember that one small bump on her leg could cause her to bleed out.  Tonight our family will huddle up on the floor together, watch a movie, and hope that the life lesson our daughter will inevitably learn from our dog about life and death will hold off for another day.


4 thoughts on “Man’s best friend – Lucy

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    • They did not – I will have to ask them. Thanks for the suggestion. Our dog also likes to eat things she shouldn’t (apparently common in labs) so I was sure they were going to find that she had an obstruction … Like the chunk of drape she ate right off the wall. They did find something in her stomach but it was unclear what it was and are now far less concerned about that than her blood levels.

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