How is Lucy – Day 2

I have had a few people ask since last night how Lucy is doing, I thought an update would be appropriate.  If you didn’t catch the unfortunate day we had yesterday, you can read about it here.

Here is the hard part of this whole thing – she seems fine, maybe a little more withdrawn from the family than normal but mostly fine.  This morning she was following behind as A and I were ‘running’ around the house.  My daughter has way more energy than I know what to do with, when I try to work on something else she turns and looks at me and says “mom, ‘mere” waving me towards her.  Lucy played the follow the leader game for a little while but quickly retreated to the calm and quite of our darkened bedroom. 

I didn’t sleep well last night, I woke up every hour or so and my first thought was to check to make sure the dog was still breathing.  It’s really hard to gauge how serious this is since the vet tried to be optimistic and not raise too much alarm.  At one point I asked her if Lucy did start to bleed if she would die in our house.  Her response was that we would want to bring her immediately to the emergency vet.  The trouble is that if the bleeding is internal we might not know, so I asked her if she were to bleed and we didn’t know it immediately, if she would die.  She told me ‘I don’t want to be so blunt but yes’.  

Anyway, day two of meds and watching her closely.  We really won’t have an indication of if treatment is working or not until we get the second blood draw on Tuesday afternoon.  Our dog is really still herself if not just a little more tired/slow moving than normal.  But it is hard to judge if it is the start of old age or related to whatever she has going on.  Because the risk we are most concerned about right now is that he platelets are so low we won’t know if there is improvement without testing or if she bleeds out – so things remaining the status quo are preferred.

I am working on finding a sitter for her on Monday to ensure she doesn’t get into thing she that she shouldn’t be eating – like the throw pillow on my chairs in the living room.  Tuesday I will be staying home to take her to the vet in the afternoon for her follow up blood work and I will be sure to provide an update for those who are interested.

Thanks for the thoughts so many of you are sending our way.  


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