Lucy Update – Day 3


From the number of questions we continue to get about our furry family member, I thought it would be prudent to provide an additional update.

That’s our little girl giving her do a good morning Lucy hug.  It isn’t the cutest picture we have of them together but it was the picture we took right before bringing Lucy back to the vet.  I think it serves well to show how much A loves the four-legged member of our family – and how much our dog is willing to endure for her littlest person.  

Lucy developed some bright red spots on her skin on her belly.  We noticed them and worried it could be a sign of internal bleeding.  We brought her back to the vet and nothing had changed.  Lucy’s platelet count was at 1,000 which is far below the 200,000 to 500,000 that the vet looks for in a healthy dog.  This isn’t terribly surprising since Friday’s first blood draw was 3,500 and the second blood draw was too low for the machine to read.  The steroid she is on is supposed to help increase that number.  At that point we should be able to determine if she also has an obstruction in her digestive track and/or if the issue is due to a cancer or tic borne disease.  If it is tic borne the remaining month of antibiotics should fix it right up.  It can take 24 to 48 hours before you see the platelet count increase due to the meds.

At the end of that appointment she was sent home again to continue the treatment we had already started.  The vet thinks the spots were already there (or whatever caused them was already there) but they hadn’t made their way to the surface just yet.  Over all no more concern than what there was the day before.

While we really won’t know until the blood draw on Tuesday if Lucy is actually getting better or not, we have noticed that she is doing things she used to but hadn’t been lately.  Again, I thought some of those things had stopped because of her age.  As a reduce dog, our guess of 8 is just a guess and comes with a fairly wide margin of error.  It is encouraging to see that she wants to be where we are in-between her frequent rest breaks in our room and that she is panting a little less heavily these days.  She is in good spirits.

Your continued positive thoughts are appreciated. 


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