Finally some good news


I really thought I would be writing this post saying our family had to say goodbye to Lucy. I was so sure of this fact that I spent the morning yesterday crying and bingeing on video games.

When I got to the vet I didn’t make past the front desk before I started to cry again and by the time the vet tech made it into the room I could hardly talk.

After a quick blood test, I was given good and bad news. The good news is that Lucy is responding to the steroids and is no longer at risk of spontaneous bleeding. The count is still low – between 60 and 70 – so she will be on the meds for sometime, but we are closer to 200 than we were.

Turns out all the reasons I was so sure Lucy would be put down were just side effects to the prednisone. The panting is annoying and peeing in the house is not going to work so well – but we can get her outside more to avoid peeing in the house and we can deal with the almost constant panting.

We still aren’t positive what caused this and as a result will have to keep an eye on her. Even after we reach normal levels and complete treatment two weeks later (expected to be about 4 months) she could have another episode requiring higher doses of prednisone. Fingers crossed this is a one time thing.

While this is good news it does not rule out cancer completely. She needs to be checked again in 3 weeks to be sure the prednisone is still working. If she does not have improvement at that time the vet would be suspecting stomach cancer. For now we are keeping her on the restricted wet food diet, crossing all available fingers and toes, and making sure she gets her meds.


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