This week in my life as mom …



I knew being mom wasn’t going to be easy, but lately it has been testing my abilities.  Between Sunday and late last night we have made two unexpected visits to the pharmacy and clinic.  

And I am drained.

Last night just before bed I was getting things together and my husband and daughter were playing in our bedroom.  I could hear her giggling happy as could be.  Next thing you know my daughter lets out a scream that makes me drop everything.

No thump or crash just a scream. 

I reaches the bedroom door just in time to see my husband holding her and turning off the light as he comes out into the hallway.  As she sees me my little girl reaches for me and I caught a small glimpse of a large black and blue bump with an angry red ring around it.

When I was pregnant we purchased a new bed.  The bed is a beautiful modified sleigh and has a wood frame around the mattress that hits my leg mid shin.  I have bumped into it once or twice and it is sharp and painful. 

Turns out my little girl was playing on pillows near the bed lost her balance and hit her head on that damn frame.  So instead of her going to bed 10 minutes later – we rushed to urgent care, knowing full well she was probably fine but needing the confirmation so we could sleep.

Lucky for us we live near an urgency room and it was still open.. If they gave stats to hospitals like hotels (maybe they so and I don’t know it) this place would have 5 star world class service.  

Service was friendly and immediate.  My daughter was offered snacks and juice (which the dr later used for observation and assessment of her injury).  My daughter was addressed as much as we were and after a quick assessment we were given information on what to watch for and ways to treat any pain.

I might be overreacting but it might be time to pad our home with bubble wrap.


2 thoughts on “This week in my life as mom …

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