The best things about my 1 year old


Isn’t this a great picture of my little girl?  My sister took this while they were playing at the park.  It’s just a sweet wonderful picture to pic up a crappy day.

And it reminds me of some of the magic that is being her mom.  This week has been a particularly magical week.  As we approach her second birthday I am trying with all my might to take note of all the things I love so much about her 1 year 10 month self.

She is so much like me.  It’s amazing.  Here are a few of the things I love about my little girl:

  1. She love her chocolate.  I make it a habit to avoid giving it to her but she’s tasted it knows what it is and asks for it while we are strolling through Target.  Truly a girl after her momma’s heart – chocolate makes any day better
  2. She finds the simple joys in life and relishes ‘childhood rites of passage’ – again just like her mommyimage
  3. No one else would dare to wake me with sweet little tickles.  Let’s face it no one else’s tickles are sweet and innocent like hers. 
  4. She believes she can be anything – I mean anything – without know that’s what she believes (again thanks to my sister for the picture)image
  5. She is equal parts girlie and tom boy.  This girl loves her shoes, bracelets, necklaces, ‘purses’, lip balm, and baby dolls but she love to play with cars and ‘read’ comics.  Somehow she is perfectly her.

I somehow think the things I will miss about her 1 year old self is her uninhibited personality.  Her obliviousness to boundaries, her bossy personality.  All those things that as her mom make my life rough.  How do you correct a sassy little girl who (in as much authority and seriousness as she can muster) yells ‘go away’, without smirking and being just a little proud that she not only has but also speaks her own mind.

So far the hardest part of being a mom?  How do you teach your child to be kind and respectful and authentic to who she is?  It breaks my heart to know that teaching her to be a good person might result in ‘tempering her spirit’.  My job when she unrolls the WHOLE role of TP is to teach her not to waste and that it isn’t appropriate behavior – but why does TP’s only job have to be ‘assisting’ in the bathroom or wrapping women in ‘dresses’ at bridal parties.

Next time instead of grabbing that camera, I think I might grab my own roll and join her.


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