My Basic Family

On Sunday morning we brought our daughter over to my mom and dad’s house.  It had been a long night and rough morning so we got breakfast on the go.  Our choice of breakfast needed to include coffee and of course the best place to get a cup of coffee is none other than Starbucks.  My husband walked into my mom and dad’s carrying our daughter and I walked in behind him with a Starbucks (including a milk for our daughter) and a danish for each of us.  My youngest brother shook his head and said ‘you’re so basic’.

Being an adult with a full time job and child, I am a little out of touch with the latest slang, but was instantly offended.  Until I thought it through.  I am a woman in my mid to late 20s, I have a corporate job, I am married, with one child, we live in a ‘nicer’ suburb, we own two cars – one of which is a newer model crossover, until this past weekend we also had a dog and live in a home with a quite little backyard.  And I realized for a person my age living in America today – it probably doesn’t get much more basic than that.

If you are wondering what ‘basic‘ means in this context – urban dictionary defines it as obscenely obvious behavior.  (The link will bring you to the full urban dictionary definition)

So, my brother was right … 

Actually, he was only right on first appearance.  There is much more to us than meets the eye.  While working a full time corporate job, I am also starting classes tomorrow evening to work towards finishing my degree.  I have done some awesome traveling including 3 trips to Tanzania, I have finished 2 marathons, I hold a Gold Award – which is the highest award given in girl scouting, in high school I headed up an effort to fund and build bucket telescopes for elementary school students in my school district, with the exception of a few short months, I have spent nearly my entire working life with the same company, I have a paralegal degree, I have done some awesome volunteering with The Tubman Center, and frankly I am kind of awesome.

So on the surface we couldn’t be more basic.  But there is so much more than what meets the eye.


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