Intentional living goal #1

Today marked a new balancing act in our house.  On top of the full time job and the family, I continue to further my education.  Not everyone is on board with that choice and not everyone likes it.  

That’s okay.

It certainly changes the way we manage our household and requires a little bit of forethought and planning.  This isn’t new to my family, we have been juggling busy schedules for a long time, but this time it feels a little different.  

It doesn’t help that I started off with a lack of sleep and just a generally crappy week.  I just keep thinking about how to best set myself up for success and I keep coming back to this: ‘GET ENOUGH SLEEP’.  For me enough is about 7 hours.  That is my magic feel good number.  

Let’s be realistic for a minute, any time something is going on that you just don’t feel like you have enough time for the first thing that goes out the window is sleep.  It is really counterproductive.  Especially in situations that require brain power, patients, focus, or memory.  You end up spending more time working on something that, under better conditions, would have taken half the time.  

If you’re like me, you might feel sick and even snap at people … which reduces your productivity further.  And then you use caffeine to counter the tired … and things get that much worse.  What to do when there just aren’t enough hours in the day?

I wrote about this concept of intentional living and setting small goals. 

Here is my first of many intentional living goals: slow down, enjoy things that are important to me, and get the sleep, rest, and relaxation I need to be revitalized so I can function.

This means that maybe my floor doesn’t get swept as often, maybe things are a little cluttered – maybe my house looks more lived in – so if you visit and find a less than orderly home, well I am actually not sure what to tell you other than my priority just isn’t the neatest home on the block.  

If you see me pulling though the drive through one time too many in a month with my toddler in tow, know I already weighed the benefits and cons … maybe today I just needed something fast and easy that she wouldn’t fight me on so I could spend what time I get back loving her and playing with her.

If my clean laundry happens to be sitting in laundry baskets instead of neatly folded stacks in tidy, clean drawers – you need to stop snooping around my house and get out of my bedroom.

My intentional living goal for this week is to keep my priorities in sight

  1. My family’s health and well-being
  2. My sanity
  3. My education
  4. My career 
  5. My identity

For now everything else is just filler.  This sounds simple but when we live in a society that doesn’t appreciate the concept of live and let live it becomes easy to feel guilt because you are not following societal norms, expectations, or the beautiful stories painted for one to follow.

Here is to a guilt free, sanity saving, priority driven, week of intentional living.


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