Hell of a week

To provide a quick update – for the 4th or 5th week in a row (yes I have lost count) we are killing gross little bugs. This lice crap is like a terrible little nasty experience that never ever ends. So today I found this little comb called Robi. I have to admit I wasn’t so optimistic but I was desperate so I bought it. It is annoying and makes this high pitched buzzing sound and if you aren’t really careful you might feel a little tingle but it zaps the lice dead. In addition to the live lice it claims to kill the eggs too. After using the comb I also used the rx we got washed everything that could be washed and sprayed and or vacuumed everything that couldn’t be thrown in the dryer. Here is hoping this is the end of it.

Becoming Supermom

This week has been crazy.  To start my family had our first encounter with head lice.  Eww … if you cringed, you are right to do so.  It’s gross, it sticks around and trying to get rid of it is time consuming and very dependent on being through.  Not always an easy feat when your toddler with little to no desire to sit still.  I have been wracking my brain and cannot figure out where this little nasty bug managed to break into my home – she isn’t in daycare with other kids and her trips to the playground, library, and the children’s museum did not include the wearing of clothing or close contact with other kids.  

Sunday into Monday was spent treating our daughter and taking precautions such as bagging items, washing items, and treating myself and my husbands head even though we did not find lice on ourselves…

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