Intentional living goal 2/when Pinterest goes wrong

For intentional living goal number 2 I am focusing on relationships.  Much like my professional goal of building relationships, this goal is focused on nurturing a pretty key relationship in my life.

The goal is simple – do one thing everyday this week to let my husband know I appreciate him.  Concept is simple, execution might be hard.  When something isn’t going right in my day I can’t see anything that is good.  I am not a glass half full or half empty kind of girl, that glass is always full it’s just a matter of what it’s full of.

So here is my effort for today:

Have be you seen this above image floating around Pinterest?  Yeah, I hadn’t either.  Before I go further let me stop and tell you this is where Pinterest can go so wrong and that my husband has in fact given permission to share this story.

I don’t know the back story on this cake but MAYBE something like this would be funny coming from a really close girlfriend (Jess, don’t go getting any ideas) but I woke up one morning to my husband’s own rendition of such a cake:



Sweet thought but I think you’d agree a little odd?  I mean just because it’s on Pinterest doesn’t mean it’s a great idea.  

But, hey, I got cake.

And what’s more this was my husband’s way of communicating that he cared.  This could have gone dramatically wrong if his timing had been off and I was just having a bad day at work, then again … cake.  He accompanied the cake with a note about how much he appreciates the things I do for our family and so on.

And then yesterday morning I not only got a surprise visit from my little family, they also took me on a Starbucks date while I was at work.



Knowing for for me the worst part of starting classes is not seeing my baby as often, he started the semester with an extra dose of my little girl and took care of my lack of sleep with fancy coffee.

I am just not good at that thoughtful stuff and I am so fortunate that I not only married someone who is but also that he is understanding of my shortcoming.

So this week I am making an effort to take a page out of his book and be more vocal of my appreciation.


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