Dog hunt

We truly miss our Lucy.  She was just an amazing member of our family.  But in her absence we have noticed how empty our home is without her.  Since we clearly can’t have her back, it is time for us to start thinking about giving a home to a new 4-legged family member.  I am not 100% sure how you do this since Lucy came to us sort of by circumstance.  So I am looking to you for help. 

Here is what we loved about Lucy:

  • she liked to be with the family
  • she could walk next to us off leash with minimal concern
  • she was fairly quite – barking was minimal and unusual
  • she could play or lay around as long as she was with her people
  • everyone loved her, even non dog people.  She was just a sweet and loving girl

Here is what we didn’t so much love:

  • Lucy got into the trash every chance she got 
  • she sometimes ate things she shouldn’t – curtains, clothes, pillows, colored pencils, the list really goes on and on and on
  • She shed a TON.  She has been gone for just over 2 weeks now and we are still cleaning up Lucy hair.

So I have been giving some thought to what we are looking for:

Must haves (or no haves):

  • be great with kids/families
  • limited to no drool … sorry but slobbery St. Bernard’s are really only cute at a distance due to this less than awesome trait
  • Smart/easy to train – I’d like to potentially do a therapy certification.
  • Loyal 
  • Med to large breed
  • can handle running

Like to have:

  • Minimal shedding, not a deal breaker but who would say no to less sweeping?
  • good with other animals – we don’t have any others and really probably don’t plan to but we do have family and neighbors with dogs.
  • spayed/neutered – just one less thing to have to do later.

I have been thinking of maybe getting a puppy for our little girl for her second birthday.  We are not set on a puppy but would like a younger dog to have with our family for several years to come.  We also don’t have our heart set on a purebred or a mixed breed dog and we are not opposed to rescuing another dog.  

I have been looking into a Rottweiler, which we would likely get from a puppy.  They are beautiful dogs, they are loyal and loving to their family, they are smart, and really like to be part of the family.  On the down side they do have a bad rap.  They are large, muscular dogs and could cause serious harm should they ever attack, partially why we would get a puppy – so we could raise and influence those behaviors from the start and assert our roles as the alpha members of the family. I also know that on a whole this breed tends to be suspicious of new people and territorial of their home and protective of their family.  So if you have experience/tips I would love to hear them.

If we do get a puppy for our daughter’s birthday we are about 1 month out so tools, tips, and resources for finding the right breed for our family and agencies/groups you would recommend for adopting or purchasing the newest member of our family would be so greatly appreciated.


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