Minimizing challenge

Have you ever heard a minimalist challenge you to ‘just get rid of one thing everyday for 30 days’?  Maybe the issued the challenge to you personally, maybe as part of a talk or post you heard/read.  It’s out there.  It is often that these people are claiming doing this will set you free.  That offloading some of your stuff will make your life happier.

In the process of cleaning up our water damaged basement and putting it back together I have found that storage is something VERY important to me.  It got me thinking about this type of challenge.  I am not prepared to commit fully like the guy who packed all of his possessions in a box and dug for and unpacked any needed item.  Anything left in the boxes after x number of days was donated.

I am also not prepared to do the progressive downsizing challenge of ‘get ride of one thing on the first day, two things on the second, three on the third … and so on for 30 days’.

But the idea the things, and for my purposes tasks, can be reduced and result in giving me back some of my time is an interesting one.  And I think it will serve the purpose of both reduced cost (no more storage to buy) and be more environmentally friendly.  And with some of the things I get rid of, I will be able to donate and enrich another’s life.

So today is technically my day 4

Day 1 I got rid of a bath toy storage item that just didn’t hack it any more and the baby bath tub we had been storing toys in that had just seen better days

Day 2 I got rid of an item of clothing

Day 3 I sort of cheated.  I sent my hand mixer over to my mom and dad’s … we pretty much never use it in our house and have a stand mixer but I know where it is should I ever find I need it.

Today – depending on time – I am going to try and find any books we own that can be downloaded for free on my Kindle and  get rid of the physical copies, get rid of anything we won’t read and pack up all of our Wii accessories and games since our system is dead and we don’t plan to replace it … going for extra credit today.


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