Introducing Paris

Paris – Homeward Bound adoption photo

Last month we had to say goodbye to our yellow lab Lucy.  It was not an easy process.

If you are not dog people it might not make sense that we really wanted to add a dog to our family – not to replace Lucy, but to fill a little bit of the gap that was left in our house without her.  I wasn’t truly convinced we would get an other dog – no more dog hair, no more cleaning up the yard, no vet bills … there are a lot of reasons not to have a dog.  But I started to quickly miss the quite companionship, the unconditional love, someone to talk to when I was home alone so I didn’t feel as crazy, and of course a level of protection that just having a dog offers.

We started to research and look for a dog earlier this month.  But I was still having a hard time committing to a new dog.  I had narrowed it down to what I was looking for and had a breed in mind.  I started looking around and wouldn’t you know that three days ago I happened upon a picture of this sweet little dog who just so happened to seem like the perfect fit for our family.  I had to see her.  So Saturday we drove out to see her … and home she came.  This is the second time that my family has done an adoption with Homeward Bound and the process is so easy and, so far, we couldn’t be happier with the dogs that have been placed with us.

The last 24 hours she has been a joy to have in our home.  She is already learning simple commands like sit, she is starting to understand the concept of housebreaking, and she loves to be with the family.


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