Being two

It must be tough being two.

Someone always telling you what to do and when to do it.  Sometimes – if you have a perfectionist mommy like my poor daughter does – you are even getting told how to do.  And if your mommy is aware of the damage this can cause, you are left in this odd limbo of sometimes mommy lets you run around the house after bath with no clothes, towel, or diaper but other times mommy wants my shoes on the right feet … like now.

Today must have been particularly tough.

A second birthday with friends and family.  All she wanted was to play with the first present she opened – but mommy made her open cards and the rest of the presents.  When clothes came out of the boxes and got tossed over her head, mommy felt just a little embarrassed by her behavior and tried to redirect without sounding too desperate.

When the pre-party nap was refused, mommy said ‘fine let’s put on George so we can finish getting ready for the party’.  But when the urge to nap came during cake, mommy kept waking her up.  All the girl wanted was a little rest!

And now it is just nearly impossible to choose what to play with.  We have gone from one toy to the next tearing apart boxes as we go.  And perfectionist mommy is right behind the mess trying desperately to contain the little tornado running through the living room.

Yep – I have concluded two must be really really hard.


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