Post 100


I assume that after I hit publish wordpress will give me a ‘congratulations you just published your 100th post’ notification.  I feel like this should somehow be a monumental post … and aren’t we conditioned to feel that way from a young age?

In elementary school we celebrate the 100th day of school … Okay that is actually the only example I can think of but it seems like such a big number.  Like I should have learned something, I should have accomplished something, I should have something profound to share.

And yet, I look back at the last 100 posts and realize, this blog is a freaking mess.  I started it almost a year ago because I just wanted to.  I didn’t have a clear vision of what this would be and I didn’t have a plan.  I just sat down.  All I knew was that I had some stuff going on and somethings to say.  I figured at least one person out there would be interested.

I have tried to organize my thoughts (and posts) but seem to always fall short.  Honestly if this were a sheet of paper I would have crumpled it and started over long before I ‘published’ it but it somehow seems like more work to delete all of my words to rethink and reorganize.  And so you end up getting what you get.

I wish I had beautiful profound well thought words to share.  I wish I had learned a great deal about something, instead here is to a hundred more … and the next big mile stone in my mind being post 1000.


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