Along for the ride


I think it is fair to say that I love my little girl more than life itself.  And if you read my post about the women in Starbucks you probably noticed that I love to people watch and/or eavesdrop.  I can’t help it, human behavior is just undeniably fascinating.  And it happened again tonight in Panera.

I was watching a mom with her kids and I think her and her husband were working on buying a new house.  And it made me wonder about what their children would want.  And then it came full circle back to A.

I love her dearly and like to think I make decisions with her best interest in mind but I also have my own goals and own agendas.  I have my own hopes and dreams for myself as well as for her and her future.  How many times am I going to drag her along for the ride when maybe it isn’t in her best interest or something she really wants?


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