Pictures – more than 1000 words

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I may have recently mentioned A turned two this month – and I may have mentioned before that I just can’t get enough of her … 90% of the time.  The trouble is those precious grains of sand are slipping thorough the hour glass so quickly it is hardly believable.

We are so lucky that we know so many talented photographers to help us catch moments of these precious moments for us. We did A’s 2 year pictures with Michelle and we were not disappointed.  Both times she has taken pictures for us she has captured a moment that holds everything that is my relationship with A.

It has been so fun to look back at her pictures and notice how different her interaction with the camera has become over the past 2 years.  She went from looking in the general direction of the camera all the way to not just looking at the camera but looking at the camera knowingly and with interest.

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Too quickly that sweet little girl is going to go from eyes full of curious interest to knowing determination.  Her sweet, silly personality is going to be that of an independent young lady.  And while it is undeniably fun and exciting to watch her grow, it is also underscored with just a little bit of sadness and guilt.

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Someday my little girl will no longer walk up to me with her arms reaching up saying ‘mommy, I hold you’.  My sweet girl will no longer give me big kisses accented with a loud ‘muah’.

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I can’t freeze time, and I sure wouldn’t wish for anything that would cause A to not reach her full potential.  So while the moments captured in this little sample of our 2 year photo shoot won’t last forever, when she is being a little too sassy, getting just a little too grown up, or decides to be just a little too old for her age, I can pull out these precious images and remember these little moments.


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