The annual bucket list

At the start of this year I had a friend share with me a list of 10 accomplishments he hoped to achieve before the sun set on 2014.  I happened to come across the almost year old email today and we quickly did a check in … and he accomplished or is on track to accomplish all but 1 of the goals by end of year.

It got me thinking.

I don’t do resolutions because they suck.  They are usually poorly thought out and frankly extremely influenced by outside sources.  Number one resolution?  Loose weight or kick a bad habit like smoking.  While those are great aspirations, if they were important to you, wouldn’t you have started already?

Of course every journey starts with one step somewhere.  If you want to loose weight do it … but setting that goal at the first of the year along with 90% of Americans doesn’t make it seem like something you really want.

Anyway, this friend and I (sorry I am talking about you publicly again) have decided that a list of objectives or as I like to call it annual bucket list is a great way to keep life moving in the path you want.  So between now and the first of January we will meet … over drinks, because who doesn’t love a reason to go to happy hour after work?  And talk about the goals we are setting forth for ourselves.  And then to make sure we are staying accountable/on track we will meet quarterly to ‘check-in’.

Sounds reasonable right?

Since the conversation (earlier today) I decided on a second dynamic to mine.  Good living to me is ‘healthy living’ but more than that ‘well’ living.  What I mean is there is a difference between health and wellness.  Health is the absence of disease and wellness is the ‘good life’.

So I will set out 14 goals for 2015.  1 health goal and 1 wellness goal around each of the 7 dimensions of health.

Not only will I be sharing them with him but also here.  Accountability is a big thing for me since I am really good rationalizer.

While it is still a little early to look that far ahead, here is to a great Holiday 2014 and an even better 2015.


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