Sleep needed – help wanted


3:38 … AM and I have already been up for just over an hour.  My alarm?  Well that is set to go off in less than 30 minutes so going back to bed is no longer an option.  That little girl on the screen?  She is the reason I am awake before a reasonable hour … AGAIN.  Two nights in a row and I am not sure what to do about this girls terrible sleeping habits.  Lately she has been waking up early or in the middle of the night.  She seems to be afraid of the dark always requesting ‘light on’ and my body is so loaded with caffeine at this point that I am not even sure it has an effect on my alertness any more.

I feel for her – she has been sick for a week and now this but as this mom hits a bigger and bigger sleep deficit my functioning and mood decrease steadily while my nausea increases dramatically.  To make matters worse today is an exam day and I can hardly see straight … and it is going to make running that much less desirable.   I was confident last night that we were in the clear – she was ‘practicing’ her guitar and singing me a song, she was smiley and happy.  How could it go wrong?  And then I saw 2:30 AM hit my clock.

The hard part is short of being afraid of the dark I really can’t pinpoint any one issue.  I expect as her mom to be up with her when she is throwing up at 2 or having a hard time breathing at 1 or just miserable at 3 but she doesn’t have a fever this morning and her nose is less stuffed up than it has been in a week.  She isn’t coughing any more – she is just … up.

This week I thought I would try a fun nightlight and blanket to get her to sleep in her bed.  Her nightlight projects Elsa and Anna on her ceiling and her blanket has their picture plastered all over it’s soft fuzzy surface.  She thought it was great until it was time for bed.  So fine, I brought her to my bed but she wanted the lamp on.  This is not typically like her.  Usually once in our bed she just lays down and closes her eyes.  But not happening.  After an hour on Tuesday night of screaming she finally crashed.  This morning she is still going strong.  She isn’t screaming but that is because we got up and brought her into the living room with ‘lights on’ after trying to get her back to sleep both with the lamp on and with a night light.

I am at a loss and I need more sleep.  I don’t particularly care either way if she sleeps in our bed or her own room, I just need her to sleep.  I am open to suggestions …


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