Blessed moments – basement update

Sometimes I think we all have a moment in life where we say ‘I am truly blessed’.  Where, while things may not be as planned, things turned out better than you could have hoped.

This weekend we totally had the privilege of that feeling.

Our basement has been a wreck and even though we had plans to get it back together ASAP life happened.  My husband was so sweet to make arrangements to get thing started this weekend – and even more amazing, one of his long time friends agreed to help.  I really hate imposing on people but I cannot tell you enough how blessed our friend stepping in to help out has really made me feel.

Things have changed in our lives, a baby and house for us, new relationships, jobs, and just the general passing of time for our friends and it is easy to start to feel disconnected.  Most of the friends we have in our lives today were friends my husband had pre-us.  And sometimes that feels a little strange – and the disconnect I have been feeling the past few months has made it just a little more stressful.

But, that being said, my husband’s friends are not just friends – they truly are part of our family.  They were there when we met and when we moved into our first home together, when we bought our house, when we married and when our daughter was born.  Things change and it becomes easy to get caught up in life, but it is so important to have those people in your lives.

While I feel guilty that my husband’s friend gave up his weekend I know that we are going to enjoy our home that much more thanks to the memories.  As if I need to have a bigger bonus, his friend has managed to find a really great woman to share his life with, and after 2 years I was finally able to have a proper conversation with her.  If your reading this – sorry about the over shares … wine will do that to a person.

I started my weekend on a high note having a mommy daughter date at a sit down restaurant just me and A (first ever) and I get to end it on an even higher note knowing that we have people in our lives that will always be there.

My last toast of the night goes to good friends and even better [chosen] family!


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