It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – already


I am in the middle of my heaven on Earth right now.  From October clear through to January 1st I am about as happy as can be.  I absolutely love love love Christmas and bonus it happens to fall the day after my birthday.  So much to celebrate, so much time with family and friends, and so much cheer and excitement.

And let’s not forget to mention how wonderful all of the candles and bath stuff smells during this time of year.

But I also have some fairly strict rules about these things and mother nature just doesn’t seem to be following those rules.  Neither are the 3 houses I have already seen this year with Christmas lights not only up but lit nightly … before we have even made it to Thanksgiving.  Rules are simple and straight forward – save your outward Christmas decorations/celebratory traditions (Christmas music within ear shot of the general public) and peddling of Christmas gear for the space between Black Friday and New Year’s Day.  Clearly I won’t be convincing Target to pack it up and keep it under wraps until then … but if we could wait until we don’t have orange and black mixing with our red and green … well I just think that would make everything a little sweeter.

Here is the deal – I love the holiday and the decorations and the music, and the candles.  But I also love the process of getting there.  Between local retailers already filling their stores with ‘Christmas’ and the lights, and my daughter’s odd obsession with Curious George’s A Very Monkey Christmas (seriously, we have been watching that movie for months already), I am missing out on all the fun leading up to the holidays.

I am a planner at heart, I like to have an idea of what is going on and when.  I like to plan and throw that annual party, I like to plan the way I will decorate and what we will put under the tree.  One year I went overboard and wrapped every gift in complimentary wrapping paper with beautiful bows.  If I wasn’t so sentimental my christmas tree would be that one you see in the movies with all the red ball ornaments the crystal clear lights, the classy garland and a bright shinning star on top.

Now just because I like to have a plan doesn’t mean I execute well on that plan … except the cooking – that I do at least as well as most.  If we could all just take a giant step back and remember it isn’t only about the destination but the journey, well that would just make my Christmas.


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