A case of the Sundays


What is it about Sundays?  No matter how many things I check off my to-do list I seem to have at least as many more to complete.  I never actually get to the end of Sunday feeling prepared for my week and I am always wondering what else I should have gotten done.

Today I managed to get create a meal plan, throw dinner in the crock pot, make a grocery list, run to the store (and back twice … sucks to forget your wallet the first time around), put said groceries away (obviously), pay bills, cleaned an ugly mess from a leak in our pipes, made breakfast for the week, pick out A’s clothes for the week, get her in her jammies, brush her teeth, pack breakfast and lunch for us, and get some crocheting done.  I am working on this mother daughter matching boot cuffs project I am so excited to finally finish.  And 6 pm hadn’t even rolled around yet.  And right now I have a loaf of bread going in the bread machine.  I should have felt like that was a productive and full Sunday … but now I am thinking about the list of things I have left to do.

I might actually hate Sunday evenings just a little more than Mondays.  I feel like Sunday night really determines my success for the week with all of my goals and objectives for the week and I am either unprepared or tired due to lack of sleep.  I always look forward to Sunday as a resting day but it seems to turn into a mad dash to completing all the little tasks the rest of the week is too busy for – and I find myself right back here feeling like I missed a whole list of to-dos, I didn’t spend enough time with the daughter and by the time the husband gets home from work – I am ready to let him take over.

Really there has to be a better way to get everything done and still have some quality family time without feeling like something is being compromised.  I am all ears if you have any suggestions.


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