Per the time of year I find myself seeing the silver lining in most things.  I shared with you the journey my family took with Lucy.

I wondered an worried about A’s memory of Lucy and wondered how we explain to our almost 2 year old that her dog wasn’t coming home.  The picture above is a photo I had put on a travel coffee mug.  I happened to be using it today and A saw the cup.  She pointed to it and said ‘Lucy’.  Three months later my now two year old recognizes photos of her old friend.

I think almost more telling to me was her next question of ‘Lucy home?’.  Telling her Lucy wasn’t coming home was bitter sweet – even though as an adult she is unlikely to remember her first four legged friend it is nice to see that she remembers her now.

It also solidifies that our decision to add Paris to our family was the right choice.

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While it hasn’t been easy, our little girl often tells Paris ‘I love you, too’.  It warms my heart but knowing that Paris is likely to be her friend for the next 10 – 15 years and to provide companionship, loyalty, and responsibility is beyond words.  Some day we will inevitably experience the same struggle with her and Paris and will once again be thankful for a teaching moment to help her navigate the ‘real world’.

So this Thanksgiving I am so incredibly thankful for my family, friends, and health.  But I am also so taking the time to appreciate the blessings our four legged family members bestow on our lives.


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