Passion – more than a buzz word?

Passion – it is like a buzz word for my generation.  You are supposed to pursue your passion and everything else will fall into place.

I used to believe I had a lot of passion – but today I know that I don’t engage in something I am passionate about with any regularity but I also can’t narrow my passion down to anything useful to bring focus to my life.  I used to be passionate about law and justice, I used to be passionate about human rights and service to others – but something seems to have changed.

Today I have listened to multiple lectures – like this Ted Talk:

And this one:

You might be noticing a common thread – a minimalist lifestyle … but you would be wrong.

In addition to a lecture at school today that was more powerful and timely than I can explain at this time I was struck by a common thread of the minimalist lifestyle.  That would be living an edited life.

With the exception of my family my passion has completely vanished and I don’t feel like I have the time and space in my head to give my family the attention they deserve.  The first lecture on the 10 item wardrobe just really drove home the idea that I have too much going on to have space in my brain for things I enjoy and feel passion for.

And then you throw this talk into the mix:

Seriously, if you choose not to give either of the others a chance this one is worth it.  He describes passion as feeling like you are a live.  He gives an example of the feeling you get when you tell the truth and are being authentic – when you have that rush.  I suppose it is the same feeling you have right before and after doing something really frighting … like going down a zip line.

So to continue something I started and never finished I am editing my life and clearing the clutter … starting with the closet tonight.


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