Day 3


A few weeks ago I turned in my notice at work.  That was Tuesday – by Friday night the news week got bigger.  It turns out we are taking on two adventures all at the same time.  When August rolls around our little girl will no longer be an only child and we will no longer be a family of 3.  As you can see from this fitting image, A isn’t exactly sure of the situation just yet.

It seems that A and her yet to be born brother or sister decided to start conspiring against me early – She refused to nap while baby made it impossible for me to think of anything other than a nice long nap between pleas of ‘please don’t get sick’.  Being down a vehicle (mine is in the shop for about a week) is making the transition just a little more interesting.  Until we have both cars back I am sort of stuck in the house with the little and the dog all day long.  Which was sort of the idea for the next month … but having the option to run to the library or visit my mom made it somehow seem different.  Even if we decided not to leave the house at least we had the option.

The weekend we found out about baby 2 on the way was a tough one – I spent the weekend rethinking my entire plan.  It took about 2 days to realize nothing was going to change and nothing needed to.  The time is almost too perfect, I should be finishing my degree at the end of the Summer and I should be able to do so before the baby is born – there is no worry about getting back to work or what it will be like when I get back and I should be able to enjoy (and figure out) being a mom of two before the next phase gets underway.

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year indeed.



3 thoughts on “Day 3

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