Day 10 – 5 pros to staying home


The holiday season is almost over.  It is a little sad but also extremely exciting.  The family is a little out of sorts with the holiday events and my overly tired little girl only ever wants to ride her new bike.  Naps are seemingly a thing of the past and some how seems to make bedtime a million times harder.

I also spent most of Christmas and Christmas Eve feeling as if I was going to be ill.  This baby has been ensuring that my early weeks of pregnancy are spent feeling on the verge of total sickness, total exhaustion, and everything is sore and achey.  It actually feels like my two children are ganging up on me already … before #2 is even born.

Since the week has been a bit of a struggle and motivation is seriously lacking, I thought I would share the best things about being home.

  1. Lunch time with my little girl
  2. Naps – in the first trimester this is a major perk I wasn’t expecting
  3. No more commute
  4. No more guilt spending time with my little girl instead of washing the dishes
  5. Pajama days – seriously does it get better?


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