Day 13 – Happy New Year


2014 – Honestly, I can’t wait until we say good bye.  You have been one of the most challenging and life changing years I have had.  I have been counting you down since February and with one day to go, I am confident your worst is behind me.

Let’s recap:

  • My basement flooded – bad.  It has always sounded cool to have my own swimming pool but this was not what I had in mind.
  • My shed collapsed … again … seriously not even 6 months after putting up the replacement that was crushed by an ice storm last year, snow took this one down.
  • A dishwasher that just decided to stop washing dishes
  • A tree fell on my house.  Enough said.


  • We had to say good bye to our 4 legged family member.


  • And got to experience puppy life for the first time.  We love Paris, but man puppy behavior and toddler behavior under the same roof?  That’s a lot of work!

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  • And to top off the year of challenges – My car has been in the shop for the past 3ish weeks.  Not the end of the world but a little inconvenient.

I think it is suffice to say I am ready to get this out with the old and in with the new crap started.  Now I am not totally ridiculous, the clock strikes midnight and nothing really changes.  Honestly it is just like the clock striking midnight any other day of the year … it just feels new.

While I am ready for the next year to begin – I wanted to also mention the great things that came out of 2014:

  • Direction and dedication to myself and my family – including a year of willful unemployment
  • My kitchen being (almost) complete
  • New paint in my basement – and new possibility to make it whatever we like and whatever works for us
  • And maybe most excitingly, the promise of a new family member in 2015.

So 2014 was hard, and 2015 promises new and exciting challenges which may prove just as hard.  Finishing up my PE credits during my pregnancy at a traditional university may prove to be interesting and entertaining … but manageable.

This year I also realized that I have a huge problem committing to my goals and I am terrible at planning for my future in terms of where I want to be when.  Personally I think 5 year plans can be a little overrated but not having any direction or a very vague direction becomes problematic too.  So this year I have decided to make a 2015 bucket list.

Why a bucket list?  Well I have fundamental issues with resolutions and the things I want to get done aren’t really resolutions to change my life or improve my lifestyle.  They really are goals to be checked off this year to try and work towards what I see out there on the horizon.  I have heard some criticism about written bucket lists.  The concern being that writing down your goals puts pressure on you to achieve them and may make you feel bad if you don’t.  At first I was really concerned about this concept … until I realized that was exactly the point.  You write things down so you stay accountable.

At any rate, I wrote out my list in 7 different sections based on the components of wellness.  This was a concept from a lifetime health and wellness class I took this semester.  The idea is that your ultimate happiness or wellbeing is achieved when all 7 of these components of life are met.  I don’t know that I agree, however I was very inspired by the parenting model one of the Professors had and decided it couldn’t hurt to try.

So 2015 – let’s roll up our sleeves and start checking off items:

  • Intellectual:
    • Obtain my DONA International doula certification
    • Graduate from the my Kin program
  • Physical:
    • Run a sub 30 5k – after baby is born
    • Lose 32 lbs after delivery – that should be less than 2 lbs lost per week after birth to end of 2015
  • Emotional:
    • Start weekly meditation – this will be part of birth prep too
    • Effectively manage stress by balancing/organizing home life and other life
  • Social:
    • Volunteer biweekly – I hope to do some of this as a doula to complete my certification
    • Have a monthly date night with the hubby – even if it is cooking dinner at home sans kids.  PS. honey if you are reading this don’t forget the pre-baby dinner date I requested!
  • Occupational:
    • Write a cookbook
    • Make money with some of my art/crafts/side projects
    • Take MCAT – or at the very least be registered and ready to go for 2016
  • Environmental:
    • Compost more
    • Be able to cook one meal this summer from my garden only … even if it is only a salad (minus the dressing)
    • Keep average monthly energy bill under $100 per month
  • Spiritual:
    • Find a spiritual community for myself
    • Spend a little time exploring spirituality

Of course I have a whole host of other things I’d like to start focusing more on, like reading, crafting, and seriously learning how to sew, but my primary focus for 2015 is things that will fulfill me and help me get to where I want to be.  I will still be crafting for the new baby – I have a carseat cover, blankets, nursing scarves, and a diaper changing pad on deck – but my primary focus is my family’s happiness and wellbeing.  I think the best way to do that is to find my happiness and work towards those things that matter most.

Cheers (with a mocktail) to 2015!  May it be the best year yet.


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