Day 15 – Big Girl Panties

The most common thing I have been told since putting in my notice has been something along the lines of ‘wow, good for you.  Wish I could do something like that’.  I used to think the same way except that now I don’t get it.  To some extent, I understand the bills, responsibilities, etc. that someone may have and wishing that they didn’t put you in the position you are in.  I get that.  But at some point it comes down to something so simple.  If you are that unhappy, put on your big girl panties and make a change.

I am absolutely terrified out of my mind.  Sometimes it was enough to keep me where I was and it is still significant enough to make me question if I am doing the ‘right’ thing.  But I have a goal and it is a one step at a time, one foot in front of the other process.  Think too far ahead and panic ensues.  Don’t think far enough ahead and you have no direction.  Balance is key.

And let’s back up to the ‘right’ thing idea for a minute.

Is there such a thing as the ‘right’ thing?  Doesn’t each life situation and set of beliefs dictate what is right and what is not for you?  Can’t there be multiple rights?

I have never been more afraid, more excited, and happier than I have been since I have taken a step to commit to something.  While the road ahead is long, it has promise and the journey will be just as beautiful as the destination.  I sometimes find myself full of doubt and worry.  Often I find that doubt and worry is rooted in the thoughts that others will have about my choices.

I already put together my bucket list for 2015 but thought it couldn’t hurt to add an over arching mantra.  This year is all about putting on the big girl panties and being bold and saying to hell with the voices of worry and fear that aren’t my own.


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