Day 22 – Potty Training Day 1


Today’s adventure was starting a solid week of potty training for little A … by week I mean 5 days, like a school week.  Despite her tantrums every 35 minutes when it was time to sit on the potty, she stayed dry all the way through her two hour nap.  At one point she even told me she needed to use that potty.  I was thinking BIG win … and then her and the dog both had accidents.  Between the two of them I had thought I totaled up to 3.

And then my husband found it –

8:30 at night and someone peed in our bed.  I assume it was the little one but now I am left washing bedding into what is likely to turn into the wee hours of the morning while my husband tires to put a little girl to bed who just wants her mommy.

So – wins for the day:

  • after close to a month, I finally got my car back from the shop.
  • I got my oil changed at no cost due to the inconvenience of them not getting it done before I picked up the car.
  • I saved $20 on the other services thanks to some sort of rewards program.
  • T.V. was off ALL day.
  • I filled the tank in said car for under $25 – feels like high school again
  • My husband brought A to the grocery store, in underwear, and she stayed dry.
  • While my little one snoozed for a solid 2 hours, I got in a nap too.
  • We survived day one of no diapers during waking hours … here’s hoping day 2 is better.

Now to get the little one to sleep and maybe some t.v. time with the hubby.


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