Hell may have frozen over – Day 46

This week, Hell may have frozen over.

Thursday was just one of those mornings.  After leaving my job, I had to decide what to do with my retirement benefits.  Looking out for mine and my family’s best interest, I made the decision to move it out of the company.  That became a mess of a task once the online resource wasn’t allowing me to enter the account number.  So, finally having a little time during business hours to call, I sat down to make my request over the phone – again.

This was a long process – at least a half hour – and just as we got to the point of confirmation, my phone got messed up and dropped the call.  Not the worst thing ever but the rep I was working with didn’t take my number in case of disconnection and when I called back, I was on hold for 10 minutes before I just had to leave.

In a hurry, I slipped on ice.

I shouldn’t be surprised, such is the hazard of year round midwestern living.  Lucky for me, I had the presence of mind to throw my keys and catch myself on hands and knees.  My ankle, wrist, elbow, knee, and shoulder were sore, but avoided an unexpected trip to the doctor to make sure baby was okay.

Amazingly, the day just didn’t get better from there.

Lucky for me, Friday my sweet husband planned a fun family day.  Too bad it involved over indulgence the whole day.


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