Project of the day

I have this small problem.

I seem to buy into the idea that I can have, do, and be it all.  You know the idea that you can basically be Wonder Woman.  Of course this is absolute crazy talk, it just isn’t possible to be everything to everyone.  I kept telling myself that after getting through the semester I would be able to FINALLY get some things done and spend some time with my little girl.  Unfortunately I forgot that tiredness seems to come back in the third trimester of pregnancy and I seem to be clueless about what it’s like to be home all day with a toddler.

Two days into a ‘new routine’ and I have yet to be able to spend the time with my little girl that I had planned.  We fight for about an hour or hour and a half for nap and then she sleeps for about three hours.  So that trip to the library?  Yeah that didn’t happen.  That walk to the park?  Didn’t make it in our day.  We managed to make pudding and play catch.  But that is a long way from the laundry list I have for things to do before baby #2 is born.

You’d think with the long naps my daughter has been taking, I would be able to get stuff done.  But enter the tiredness I mentioned earlier – yesterday we both had hours of naps.  Today, however, she napped for three and a half hours and I got the benefit of a little nap and some time to myself to get some things done.

Check off that list this adorable and functional diaper changing pad for my new little one.  I followed the tutorial on See Kate Sew – but with my own modifications.


First, I only put vinyl on the inside and the pocket.  I also made it larger because after looking at the dimensions in the tutorial, I thought I would like more space for changing baby.


I love the way this product finished up and the pocket is plenty large enough to to hold a few diapers and some wipes and I can’t wait to use it when baby gets here – although changing diapers is not something I am totally excited about.  So check one – only about 20 more things to accomplish.  If you are looking for a diaper changing pad but aren’t so inclined to dust off your sewing machine, check out my shop to buy your own.  New styles will be added regularly and if you don’t see something that is ‘just right’, send me a message!  I am happy to accommodate your special order.


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