Nesting – why we do it and what it looks like with 11 weeks and a to-do list a mile long

We are about eleven weeks away from welcoming our little boy into our family.  Apparently I am a late bloomer to the nesting instinct, but it is in full swing now.

According to, nesting is an instinct all mothers in the animal kingdom are equipped with.  The article claims nesting typically starts in the 5th month and can range in ‘symptoms’ all the way to the extremes of throwing away perfectly good linens in order to replace them with fresh ones or taking apart everything including the knobs/handles in the kitchen to be able to disinfect the screws and inside of the knobs.

My nesting instinct with my daughter really didn’t start until the very end and it was seemingly mild case and really focused on practicals.  For example, I wanted to wipe down everything in the kitchen and organize the insides of the cupboards.  I figured who knew when my kitchen would get a throughly cleaning again and who wants to hunt through the cupboards for whatever baby thing we needed when the baby was crying or at 2 am.

I think it had something to do with my daughter being a first born.  I didn’t feel as much pressure because my attention wasn’t being divided between a toddler and a newborn … and we were in our house for just over a year when she was born so it was pretty well set.

Fast forward to baby #2 and we have a torn apart basement, a soon-to-be nursery overflowing with all sorts of stuff from office furniture to baby supplies like a mountain of diapers and a crib still in the box waiting to have a freshly painted room in order to be able to be put together.  But the painting needs to wait until the room is cleared out, which needs to wait until the basement has baseboards, which waits until it has carpet again, which waits until … well, you get the point.  There is a lot of work to get done.  A lot of it that I am ‘banned’ from doing.  Either because my husband is not really comfortable allowing me to help, or because I tire so easily, or because it is medically in advisable.

Don’t misinterpret that to mean that I don’t have my own to-do list.  I have been systematically going through all of the rooms in our house and either throwing, shredding, recycling, or garage sale-ing everything we don’t need/use all that often.  Even my daughter’s toys/stuffed animals are not exempt … or some of the clothes we got for her but never used or don’t ever foresee using are out.  I have even started getting rid of my maternity wear that I am less than thrilled to wear.  I freed by closet of all my corporate wear since I have left my job using ThreadUp.  They are basically a second hand online site.  They buy like new designer clothes from you and sell them online at ridiculous prices.  I really liked this option because they will take all sorts of things and you get to choose what they do with the ‘rejected’ items you send in – either have them sent back to you for a S&H fee or choose to recycle them.  Most of the things I sent just were too much to be messing with on my own (new with tags Banana Republic pants and suits).

In addition to my ‘clean up and get rid of crap’ list, I have a handful of small home improvement projects to add to the basement redo list.  (If you aren’t sure about this basement redo business, here is a little bit about the flood we had last year leading us on this long journey).  We have a door knob to the side door – our most commonly used door – that could just use an old fashioned up grade.  The knob we have often results in a slammed door when the husband leaves for work, I’d like one that shuts a little easier – because when baby and toddler sleeps, mommy sleeps and we don’t want to wake a sleeping anyone if not necessary.  I’d also LOVE to replace the impractical banister style railing in our living room at the top of our basement stairs with a custom built half wall book shelf because … STORAGE.

If that list isn’t long enough, I have a handful of ‘craft’ projects to complete for baby as well as half started projects I’d like to finish and post to etsy or in preparation for some fall/winter craft sales with a longtime friend.  My list of ‘to-dos’ for baby include 2 window panels, a few nursing scarves that look like infinity scarves, burp rags, and a handful of blankets.  A few days ago I was able to cross off the diaper changing pad followed by a blanket for my daughter that was supposed to be done as a christmas gift this last year and the carseat cover for baby.  Both used some minky fabric which I find a little challenging to work with.



With only 11 weeks to go, I am feeling a little pressured to get this ever growing list done.  This mom could use some serious tips on getting ready for baby #2 – what are your best tips for getting things done and in order with a two year old running around?


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