Superman Inspired Diaper Cover

I have been totally obsessed with these adorable crocheted diaper covers inspired by superheroes.  I wasn’t able to find a pattern that turned out the way I wanted it and the few patterns I found were either not right or just weren’t easy to follow … and since my daughter was a larger baby, I am planning on this little guy being less than little making the sizing on most of the covers a little questionable as a fit for my son.  I ended up developing my own pattern (to be posted at a later date).



Since my husband has taught my daughter about all the comic and superheroes I can think of, so it fits.  The images would lead you to believe the front and back are different colors – but they aren’t.  Something about photography still ends up leaving so much to the imagination.  Since these are fairly quick and easy to make, I ended up with extras and will be selling them and the other superhero variations I end up making, online.

What are some really great photo prop ideas for little boys during their newborn photo shoots?


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