Thanks for stopping by, please enjoy this short story.

Once upon a time working my part time gig just right for a high school student, I met a boy:

First came …

Then came:

And then came:


My husband and I have been together for 10 years coming up this February.  We met when I was still in high school and have been ‘growing old’ together ever since.  We married Oct 8, 2011 – just shy of 7 years together.  One year later we celebrated our first year of marriage by me laboring and us welcoming our beautiful little girl into this world.

Joining the parenthood club has been natural, rewarding, and painful all at once.  One look at my little girl and I find a whole host of conflict.  I am overly ambitious and my ambitions conflict with my deep desire to give her everything.  My desire to drop my whole life and dedicate myself to her conflicts with my deep belief that it is healthy and good for children to see their parents succeed and be their own people.

My life is so full of love and rich with opportunity and experience.  This is my attempt at keeping that front of mind and searching for that perfect balance.


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